How to Prepare for Communion at Home

Communion is an important part of Christian worship. During this time when we can’t meet in person we are doing virtual communion on the first Sunday each month.  To do that you need to prepare the communion elements in your home and have them ready for the communion service. Here’s what you need:

1) Grape juice or wine. If you don’t have that you could try cranberry juice. If possible try to find a fruit juice that is red in color. That better fits the symbolism of Christ’s blood. Prepare enough glasses for people in your family who will take communion.

2) Bread of some kind. You could use small pieces of bread or crackers. Or pieces of tortilla or other flat bread. Any kind of bread will do. Prepare enough small pieces for the members of your family who will take communion.

Get this ready before the beginning of the service. During the service the pastors will officiate communion. When it is time to eat the bread and drink the juice we will all do that together, just as we do at church.