COVID-19 Update

Ministry Response

COVID-19 is spreading rapidly around the world. We must not be controlled by fear, but at the same time we need to protect ourselves and our community. In light of the current situation, the church Governing Board has made the following decisions:

  1. We will suspend all in-person church gatherings until Thursday, April 30. As that date approaches we will re-evaluate the situation.
  2. During this period most church gatherings will continue in online format. Leaders of each ministries can set up their means to conduct gatherings online.
  3. During this period all Sunday worship services will be put online through our church website. We encourage our community to continue to join us for worship at the usual time on Sundays in their own homes.
  4. The church will accept offerings through either a personal check sent by mail or online offerings. Let’s continue to worship God through our offerings with a cheerful heart and and desire to honor God.
  5. Pastoral staff and the Caring Department should be contacted in case our church members have special needs.
  6. Check this page for any updates and and instructions.

The body of Christ is not confined to a physical building. We are the church under the headship of Lord Jesus Christ no matter where we are. Let’s continue to minister to one another, pray for one another, care for one another, and encourage one another during this challenging time. We trust that the Lord always watch over His church.

Health Information

We encourage you to follow the preventative measures recommended by our health authorities. For more information please see the following websites:

Thank you all for helping us stay healthy during this COVID-19 pandemic.