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Sermons (38)

12/25/2022 Good Tidings To All Luke 2:8-20
Series: none Edmond Cheung   
08/14/2022 The Principle Luke 18:9-43
Series: none Anthony Locke   
08/01/2021 Would You Celebrate Luke 15:1-31
Series: none Daniel K. Eng   
07/25/2021 The Party of a Lifetime Luke 15:11-24
Series: none Daniel K. Eng   
05/16/2021 Blessed to be Called Luke 18:29-30
Series: none Dany Tse   
03/28/2021 The Discipline of Confession Luke 18:9-14
Series: Spiritual Disciplines Ken Carlson   
01/24/2021 The Poor Rich Man Luke 18:18-23
Series: none Daniel K. Eng   
12/20/2020 The Promised One Luke 1:57-80
Series: none Ken Carlson   
12/13/2020 God Came Down Luke 1:26-38
Series: none Ken Carlson   
12/06/2020 God Breaks Through Luke 1:5-25
Series: none Ken Carlson   
06/28/2020 Rocky Roots Luke 5:1-11
Series: none Calvin Blom   
02/23/2020 Missions in Action Luke 24:44-49
Series: none Albert Seung   
04/14/2019 The Last Supper Luke 22:14-23
Series: Lent 2019 Ken Carlson   
03/31/2019 Repent or Perish! Luke 13:1-9
Series: Lent 2019 Ken Carlson   
03/17/2019 Obedience is Personal Luke 4:1-13
Series: Lent 2019 Win Tse   
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