Announcements for 3/29/20

  1. Pastor Cheung is working at home in Texas until the end of April. For church business, please feel free to contact him there.
  2. We kindly ask that brothers and sisters be mindful about the flu season and the recent outbreak of Coronavirus. If you or your child has a fever or other serious flu symptoms, please stay home to rest and don’t attend any activities. Travelers returning from high risk countries, please stay home for 14 days in self-quarantine. See our church website for details.
  3. Please see the announcement here about communion on Good Friday.
  4. We are in the process of setting up on line offerings. Please see the message below from our church treasurer.

Hello brothers and sisters,

May The Almighty Lord’s peace be with each and everyone of you. Due to current health concern, we are unable to worship at church. It has been brought up that some of you are wondering how to give to PCCMA in this trying time. Thank the Lord for moving you and your generosity! As of this writing, there is only one way to give to PCCMA. Please mail your check to this address.

Portland Chinese C&MA Church c/o Finance Department
5016 SE 74th Ave,
Portland, OR 97206

Please do not mail cash. We are in the process of setting up online offering. Due to heavy demand, the vendor we chose has been overwhelmed. We will keep you posted. Thank you for your patience.

Vincent Lau